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Working with the Average Investor

The average investor lacks the time to make sense of their financial reports.  The biggest benefit of using a financial advisor is having a credible, well-educated individual to explain performance and help guide financial decisions.   Explaining financial results and guiding decision making are key roles for the advisor.

Easier said than done!  The majority of financial statements generalize important information into percentages that are not meaningful or easily understood.  Subsequently the onus is on the financial advisor to create clarity, which can become a time consuming task.

Some very successful financial advisors have turned to 3rd party software to help explain client performance.   One well reviewed software application for portfolio analysis is CRM2plus.

CRM2plus software provides clarity to financial statements.  Information is condensed into visuals that are easy to read and understand. Statements can be read into CRM2plus, analyzed and graphed at the press of a button.  Questions such as ‘what if I did this?’ can be answered easily with visuals and actual market data.   Investment Analysis Software

  “How does CRM2plus differ from what is available in the marketplace?” 

Answer:  CRM2plus provides an advisor with tangibles to demonstrate their value to their high net worth clients.

The key competitive advantages of CRM2plus software are;

  • Clients see graphically what was invested and when, against portfolio market value over time.
  • Performance of the complete portfolio can be shown on one graph. The advisor can analyze various assets and aggregate them for a complete financial picture, including external assets such as real estate investments.
  • The advisor can group clients. This is relevant when analyzing a family’s pooled assets such as husband and wife’s RRSP’s, TFSA’s, a family trust, and a business.
  • Benchmarking: Using data from major stock market indices including S&P and NASDAQ , the software can create a transactionally consistent comparison portfolio for benchmarking. Indices can be weighted, to demonstrate the effects of market movements on a client portfolio.

Why is CRM2plus software important?  Success comes from being the best and this is easier with the best tools.   CRM2plus is a competitive advantage for the Financial Advisor to retain high net worth clients.


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Time Management and the New Financial Advisor

by guest blogger Jan Hanson

Time management is one of the hardest skills to develop. Anybody can write a list, add 100 tasks and set a due date. A rare few are able to focus long enough to complete more than 5 of these tasks. It’s in human nature to be distracted. What human nature doesn’t understand is that

  • you need to send out those Happy Birthday emails,
  • talk to your Marketing Assistant,
  • confirm your schedule for the next week
  • keep up appearances in relevant community events,
  • and still have time for your friends and family. (…eating and sleeping are extras.)

Life as an Advisor is always going to require time management. Your to-do list is going to increase as you build your business, and perfect your craft. Once you’re at the top of your game you’re still going to be required to juggle all those things you had to juggle before.   Added to concerns about your revenue stream will be:

  • making time to attend to your waiting list of clients,
  • time to manage your Marketing Assistant so that they are not smothered
  • and time to bat off New Training Managers with a stick while they all try and draw you into their New Advisor Training Sessions.

Cut down on the time that you and your Marketing Assistant spend on Financial Analyses’  by using the right software.   There are tools out there, such as CRM2plus, that allow you  to answer questions, graph performance, create speculative scenarios about investing and restults.   Build pictorials that will stun your clients with the benefits that you provide them.  Spend more time building that book of business with happier more satisfied clients.

With all this success, you’re probably going to need another MA though.. it may be  a good idea to hire some of those new advisors too.. just a thought.

Create Clarity for your Clients


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Resolutions for 2017 – Finance

Investing is like dieting.   No one really wants to get on that scale and see the actual numbers.   Most people find that financial statements from  financial advisors are confusing.   If you are like I was, you will open your monthly statement and if the number is up, you are happy.   If the number is down, you are disappointed.

This process doesn’t really tell you if you are doing well or not.   How much have you invested in total?   How much have you made in total?   How does your portfolio performance compare to the TSX or other investing alternatives?   Will you be able to reach your investment and retirement goals ?


If you are interested in   taking charge of your financial future, we recommend trying out this new software:   CRM2plus       CRM2plus lets you track your portfolio performance.   At the press of a button, you can compare the amount that you invested to the market value of your investments.   Press another button and compare your performance with the TSX, S&P, and other indices, to understand how you are actually doing.

Using the estimator, you can extrapolate your numbers to retirement.  Envisage where you will be at retirement, what your monthly income at that time will be, and what your assets may be.

Educate yourself and put your financial freedom into your own hands with CRM2Plus.

CRM2plus Investment Analysis Software



benchmarks, CRM2Plus, Financial Advisors, investment analysis, portfolio analysis software

Its time to get professional advice

Its time to get professional advice  –   by guest blogger Anne Leroux

The time when retirement planning was straightly mapped out is long gone.

Investment Analysis Software

To millennials, the   rules   managing our parents and grandparents spending are so farfetched they slide straight into the category of fantasy. The golden lodging rule, to only use 30% of your income for housing expenses, sounds like the stuff dreams are made of. The average among millenials is 60-70% of income on lodging.   Add children into the equation and making ends meet comfortably becomes extremely difficult.  Putting money away to save becomes a pipe dream.

Working to struggle financially is never anybody’s end goal. Take the proper steps to educate yourself on your financial situation, your goals and bridge the gap. Connecting with a financial advisor can minimize the time it takes to build your way to financial stability.

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CRM2 Reporting made Easy

CRM2 reporting requirements are coming.   In the UK and Australia, where similar rules were adopted, the fallout was huge in the financial services industry.  Alone, the new reporting requirements demanded more time and effort from financial advisors and created more office burden.

Once CRM2 requirements were met, the new reports raised questions in clients’ minds, resulting in even more time and reporting from FA office staff.

The Canadian financial services industry will be faced with these challenges shortly. CRM2 reporting and meeting requirements can overwhelm you.  What you need are new and better tools.

Some of the top performing FA’s in Canada are using CRM2plus portfolio analysis software.

Using the right tool for the right job has always been a hallmark of the professional.  You would not hire a roofer who came with just a hammer and a bag of nails.   If he doesn’t have a nail gun, he is not a professional.  Now that these new requirements are here, you need new and better tools.  CRM2plus portfolio analysis software was created in anticipation of CRM2 reporting challenges, to ease the burden on financial advisors.

CRM2plus portfolio analysis software assists you to:

  • Create clarity for your clients – answer questions and provide explanations
  • Easily meet CRM2plus reporting requirements and more
  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd
  • Demonstrate the value that you provide to your clients
  • But seriously, most of all, makes it easy to prepare the docs.

CRM2plus portfolio analysis software helps you demonstrate your value to clients and gives you that competitive edge.


RRSP Season

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The Phases of CRM2 – An Infographic

This infographic, courtesy of Mackenzie Investments, depicts an excellent summary of the CRM2 rules, from what’s already been implemented, to what’s to come…

CRM2Plus Infographic

Creating clarity for your clients is key. Let us show you how to streamline your conversations with CRM2Plus.

Annual Performance Reporting, CRM2, CRM2 Performance Reporting Workshops, CRM2Plus, CRM2Plus Software

CRM2 – What You Need to Know

There’s a lot of information swirling around with respect to the implementation of CRM2 – the good, the bad and the ugly. I came across an article on the Wealth Professional website, penned by Will Ashworth, that offers a very descriptive and accurate overview of exactly what advisors need to be aware of and prepared for with respect to the new rules.

Here is an informative excerpt I’d like to share:

There are four basic ideas that all advisors need to pay attention to when it comes to pre- and post-CRM2 implementation.

1) You will need to be prepared to answer client questions. Sure, some of the information provided to clients under the new rules will be sent to them directly, but its key that advisors have answers ready for when the inevitable cavalcade of questions comes their way. Communication is critical to surviving the inevitable onslaught.

2) While benchmarks themselves aren’t a requirement of CRM2, advisors should be ready to discuss with clients how benchmarks can be used to assess performance. So, if your client’s invested in a Canadian equity mutual fund, you won’t be comparing that fund’s performance with the FTSE TMX Canada Universe Bond Index but rather something like the S&P/TSX Composite Index. Also, it’s important to remember that the client will receive money-weighted returns, which include additions and withdrawals, whereas indexes use time-weighted returns.

3) Remember when having the discussion about client costs, it’s essential to make that discussion a positive focused on the advisor’s value. IFIC has gone to great lengths to prepare model reports for advisors looking to bone up ahead of that difficult talk. But be warned: If you simply talk about cost and performance without bringing context to the discussion, your clients are naturally going to question the value they receive. Be proactively reminding them of the value you add.

4) Continually update your understanding of CRM2. It’s not enough to read information WP is publishing on the subject. You’ve got to dig deeper looking for every advantage possible in using you as opposed to another advisor. Continuing education includes staying abreast of CRM2. You want to be on the right side of the knowledge debate.

So, how do you stay ahead of the CRM2 game? There’s a ground-breaking software for that! Let me introduce to you CRM2Plus. CRM2Plus was created to serve CFPs as they navigate the new regulations imposed by CRM2. In response to the newly mandated disclosures, many Financial Planners began asking for custom analytics of their client’s portfolios. As most of the necessary analysis was common, CRM2Plus was developed as a standardized internet application that can produce the analysis quickly and efficiently.


And, we’ll teach you how to use it. Let us help make it easy for you!

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