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The Value of Financial Advice

by guest blogger Jan Hanson

As a client, you may be wondering what you’re gaining from your Financial Advisor’s advice or whether or not the value they bring to the table is worth paying for.

The average investor doesn’t have the time or the interest to sit down and analyze pages of financial jargon, or the dedication to attempt to dissect their financial statements. While having an advisor can be lucrative in generating higher returns, it also provides access to the opinion of an educated individual and all of their resources.

If your statements are so muddled you don’t even know where to start, it may bring you peace of mind to know that studies have proven that advised households have approximately twice the level of financial assets as their non-advised counterparts.

Meaning while paying fees for a professional’s guidance may not prove to be immediately beneficial, in the long term, it has proven to generate double the amount you would have made without the advice.

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Just in time for RRSP season, new software to put you in charge of your finances:

Investing is like dieting.   No one really wants to get on that scale and see the actual numbers.   Most people find that financial statements from financial advisors are confusing.   If you are like I was, you will open your monthly statement and if the number is up, you are happy.   If the number is down, you are disappointed.

This process doesn’t really tell you if you are doing well or not.   How much have you invested in total?   How much have you made in total?   How does your portfolio performance compare to the TSX or other investing alternatives?   Will you be able to reach your investment and retirement goals?

It is possible to take charge of your financial future and track your portfolio performance with some new software that has recently become available to the public:   CRM2plus  (   Developed by Financial Advisors, CRM2plus track yours investments, withdrawals and performance.   At the press of a button, you can compare the amount that you invested to the market value of your investments.   Press another button and compare your performance with the TSX and other indices, to understand how well you are actually doing.

Using the estimator, you can extrapolate your numbers to retirement.  Envisage where you will be at retirement, what your monthly income at that time will be, and what your assets may be.

Educate yourself and put your financial freedom into your own hands with CRM2Plus.working-with-the-average-investor